Daewoo/Doosan Forklift Parts

Doosan offers a comprehensive range of material handling equipments with over 100 models of forklifts including engine and electric forklift trucks.

T.L.Imports has access to most of genuine Daewoo parts & Doosan parts to suit engine and electric forklifts.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Daewoo forklifts & Doosan forklifts we can supply parts for:


Engine Forklift Trucks

D15/18S-5 & D20SC-5 / G15/18S-5 & G20SC-5 / D20/25/30/33S-5 & D35C-5 / G20/25/30/33P & G35C-5 / G20/25/30/33P PLUS & G35C-5 PLUS

G20/25/30E-5 / GC15/18S-5 & 20SC-5 / GC20/25/30/ 33E-5 & G35C-5 / GC20/25/30/ 33P-5 & G35P-5 / D35/40/45S-5 & D50/55C-5

G35/40/45S-5 & G50/55C-5 / GC35/40/ 45S-5 & GC50/55C-5 / D60/70S-5 (2 & 3 speeds) / D80/90S-5 / G60/70S / D110/ 130S-5 / D160S-5

D20/25/30G / G20/25/30G

Electric Forklift Trucks

B13/15/16R-5 / B13/15/16R-5 / B15/18/20T-5 / BC15/18S & BC20SC-5 / B20/25/30/32S-5 / BC20/25/25SE-5 & BC30/32S-5

B22/25/30/35X-5 / B40/45/50X-5



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