Moxy Engineering is a Norwegian manufacturer of articulated haulers (dump trucks) for off-road use in the earth moving and construction industries.


In 2008, Doosan Infracore's Construction Equipment Business Group acquired 100% of the company from Thomson Group, and changed the name to Doosan Moxy AS. In 2011, the Moxy name was dropped and latest trucks were marketed under just the Doosan brand, rather than the previous Doosan-Moxy marque.

T.L.Imports has sourced and has imported a comprehensive range of genuine Moxy parts to suit all Moxy and Doosan-Moxy Dump Trucks such as MT26, MT31, MT36, MT41 and MT51.

Here is a short list of the genuine Moxy parts which we have recently imported:

  • MX021988 Silencer  

  • MX351857 Clamp  

  • MX513012 Gear Wheel  

  • MX512554 Pinion  

  • MX512999 Pinion  

  • MX512187 Gear Wheel

  • MX352154 Clutch Disc  

  • MX352155 Clutch Disc 

  • MX508795 Disk  

  • MX510783 Transmission

  • MX500139 Pump 

  • MX503765 Bearing

  • MX513997 Housing Bearing

  • MX510703 Differential 

  • MX513610 Limiter, Differential Split

  • MX527948 Differential 

  • MX514767 Radiator 

  • MX513814 Shaft Assy

  • MX055858 Gasket Kit 

  • MX514234 U Joint Assy


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